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Seesaw is a versatile digital portfolio platform that allows students to showcase their work, reflect on their learning and collaborate with their peers in an interactive and secure environment.

Here's what you need to know about Seesaw:

  1. Digital Portfolios: Seesaw serves as a digital portfolio where students can curate and share their best Seesaw Logo work with their teachers, classmates, and families. Students can capture photos, record videos, draw, write and upload files to document their learning journey. This personalized showcase empowers students to take ownership of their education and celebrate their achievements.

  2. Student Reflections: With Seesaw, students can reflect on their learning experiences and share their thoughts. They can annotate their work, explain their processes and articulate their understanding of concepts. This reflective practice encourages metacognition and helps students develop a deeper understanding of their own learning.

  3. Teacher Feedback: Seesaw facilitates timely and meaningful feedback from teachers. Teachers can provide personalized comments, voice recordings, or written annotations on student work. This feedback loop promotes constructive guidance and enables students to further develop their skills and knowledge.

  4. Parent Engagement: While Seesaw focuses primarily on student portfolios, parents also have the opportunity to stay connected and engaged in their child's learning journey. Parents can access their child's digital portfolio, view their work, and provide positive reinforcement and encouragement. This involvement creates a strong home-school connection and promotes a deeper understanding of their child's academic growth.

Getting started with Seesaw is easy:

  • Access Seesaw through the designated link provided by the Neosho School District.
  • Log in using your student credentials.
  • Explore the various features and tools available within Seesaw.
  • Capture, upload, and share your work with your teachers and peers.
  • Reflect on your learning experiences and engage in collaborative discussions.

Seesaw is designed to ignite creativity, engage students in the learning process, and foster a deeper connection between students, teachers, and families. By embracing Seesaw, students can express their ideas, reflect on their progress, and receive valuable feedback to support their growth as lifelong learners.

 Seesaw App (iOS) Seesaw App (Android)