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La-Z-Boy End Zone Facility

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La-Z-Boy End Zone Facility

The La-Z-Boy End Zone Facility: Advancing Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

In a significant milestone for the Neosho School District, a state-of-the-art facility has emerged to enhance the athletic and extracurricular experiences of our students. The "La-Z-Boy End Zone Facility" is a remarkable addition, designed to serve as a hub for various activities. With its grand inauguration, the facility has already started to make a positive impact on our students, promising a brighter future for our athletes and participants.

Key Features of the La-Z-Boy End Zone Facility:

  • 43,000 Square Feet: This expansive facility covers 43,000 square feet, offering ample space for various activities and functions.

  • Locker Rooms: The facility provides modern and well-equipped locker rooms, ensuring that our athletes have the resources they need to excel.

  • Concessions: In addition to locker rooms, the La-Z Boy End Zone Facility features concessions, making it a hub for gatherings and events.

  • Restrooms: Ensuring the comfort and convenience of our students and visitors, the facility includes modern restroom facilities.

  • Indoor Practice Space: A significant part of the facility is dedicated to indoor practice space, allowing students to continue their activities even in adverse weather conditions.

  • Weight Room: The facility boasts a dedicated weight room, providing a space for athletes to train and improve their physical fitness.

  • Film Room: A film room is available for video analysis and strategy discussions, contributing to the overall development of our teams.

A Community Effort:

The La-Z Boy End Zone Facility is one of the projects made possible by the city's "Next Step Ballot Measure," which received voter approval in June of 2020. This collective effort of the community, along with generous donations from organizations like La-Z-Boy Midwest, has made this facility a reality. La-Z-Boy Midwest's generous contribution of $400,000 was instrumental in bringing this vision to life.

The project is a testament to our commitment to providing the best possible resources for our students and ensuring their growth and success. It's a place where community support and educational excellence come together to shape the future of our young athletes.

The completion of the La-Z Boy End Zone Facility represents a symbol of achievement, where our students can thrive and excel in their athletic and extracurricular pursuits.