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Goodman Elementary

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Goodman Elementary

Rebuilding Goodman Elementary

April 4, 2017: A Devastating Tornado Strikes

In April 2017, Goodman Elementary was hit hard by an EF2 tornado, wreaking havoc on the small community. The aftermath was gut-wrenching, with the school left in poor condition and teachers and students certainly sad to see it tore up. 


Initial Steps Toward Recovery

Following the tornado, the Neosho School District, led by Superintendent Mr. Decker and the school board, faced the task of deciding what to do next for Goodman Elementary. Despite the challenge, the community came together, drawing strength from a collective determination to rebuild.


Temporary Relocation to NMS

With the urgent need for temporary accommodations, students from Goodman Elementary were temporarily relocated to the gymnasium of Neosho Middle School. Principal Mrs. Hamilton and the school administration prioritized maintaining a stable academic environment for students amidst the challenge.


Rebuilding Goodman Elementary

In the face of adversity, the school board, along with Mr. Decker, made a decision – not only to rebuild Goodman Elementary but to do so with a vision of creating a modern, state-of-the-art facility. The commitment went beyond mere reconstruction; it aimed to create a school equipped to meet the evolving needs of the community for generations to come.


Construction Challenges

Despite facing nearly 50 days of weather-related delays, construction began in August with Branco Enterprises. The collaborative efforts of the design team at SAPP Design Architects and various school personnel ensured progress continued for the next year. 


Ribbon Cutting at the new Goodman Elementary

The hard work and perseverance paid off when Mrs. Hamilton and fourth-grade students of Goodman Elementary cut the ribbon on the new school. This symbolic moment marked the transition from tragedy to new beginnings, as the community celebrated the start of a new chapter.


Financial Investments and Insurance 

Amidst the reconstruction, financial commitments totaling $10.1 million were made, coming in $745,000 under the initial budget estimate. Negotiations with insurance providers also yielded positive results, providing significant support for the rebuilding efforts.


Extra Safety FEMA Gymnasium Approval

Looking ahead, the approval for a FEMA gymnasium adds an additional layer of safety to the new Goodman Elementary. These developments, along with successes in insurance negotiations, position the school for a future that surpasses initial expectations.