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Whether you're looking to make purchases through Amazon, arrange conferences and hotel accommodations, establish relationships with new vendors, manage purchase cards, or handle purchase orders, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Below you an find all the relevant information needed in order to complete the purchase you need. If you have any questions or need further assistance regarding our internal purchasing services, please don't hesitate to reach out to Accounting.

    • Look up items on Amazon and record current price
    • Complete Purchase Order
    • Once approved, it will be sent back to building/department head
    • Order will be placed on Amazon by building/department head
    • Accounts Payable will receive e-mail from Amazon to approve cart
    • Checks for vendor payments are run on Thursdays.
    • Look ahead at the dates you will be needing checks and make sure you request them in plenty of time.
    • Checks requested after Wednesday morning will likely fall into the following week's check run.
    • For questions on if the check is included in that week's check run, contact Accounts Payable.
  • Conferences:

    • Fill out the conference registration forms and enter PO into SISFIN.  Purchase order needs to be approved BEFORE submitting your registration.
    • Conferences are done differently so please be specific with instructions in the internal notes. Indicate the following:
      • Does PO need to be faxed?
      • Does the PO need to be faxed with a registration form?
      • Did the person already register online?
      • Does the PO and form need to be mailed with a check prior to the conference?
      • Do we pay after the conference is over?


    • When entering a PO for a hotel, you must select the correct location. When you select “Holiday Inn” as the vendor, you need to then select the correct location from the vendor drop down menu.
    • If you do not select the correct location, your PO will not reach the right hotel.
    • If you need to use a credit card to make the hotel reservations, include an internal note that you need this on a P-card. Send the reservation receipt to Rebecca Ruiz.
    • If you are paying by check, indicate in the internal note on the PO if the check will be hand delivered upon check-in or if it needs to be mailed prior to lodging.
    1. Complete the New Vendor Form below.
    2. Request a copy of your vendor's W-9.
    3. Send both completed items to the NSD Accounts Payable office via email.
    4. Once your vendor is verified, it will be approved by the Accounting office and added to SISFIN.
    5. We will let you know once the vendor is added so you can complete your PO!

    For questions, please contact Accounts Payable or Accounting.

    Complete this form and return it to Accounts Payable.

    New Vendor Form


    • The Purchasing Card (P-Card) is a VISA card, which can be used for approved purchases up to $5,000 of all non-restricted commodities from any supplier that accepts VISA as a form of payment.
    • The P-Card provides a faster, more efficient way to purchase lower dollar goods and travel expenses; however, cannot be used as payment for certain restricted items.
    • Several major features of the program are that it enables departments to be self-sufficient, eliminates redundant and/or no value added processes and provides a simple means to pay for small charges.

    Policy Statement
    Purchasing Cards are assigned to individual buildings and are prohibited from being transferred to, assigned to, or used by anyone other than the designated employee. Use for personal purchases is strictly prohibited. The Purchasing Card CANNOT be used as payment for certain restricted items. Fraudulent and/or misuse of the card is grounds for revoking Purchasing Card privileges and may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Non-district employees, temporary and student employees are not eligible for Purchasing Cards. Specific controls are placed on each Purchasing Card, including dollar volume limitations. Employees may be held liable for charges that are deemed inappropriate.

    Cardholder Agreement Form

    The cardholder must sign the Neosho School District Purchasing Card Cardholder Agreement form that specifies that they will protect the card and adhere to proper policies and procedures. An employee will not receive a card if they have not signed the cardholder agreement form. An employee may not send someone else in his or her place when picking up a P-Card that has been assigned to him or her for travel. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Cardholder Agreement Form

    Cardholder Limits
    Each individual Purchasing Card will have control limits built-in. Only the amounts requested via Purchase Order and approved will be available on the purchasing card. There is a maximum single transaction limit of $5,000, which will not be raised without Superintendent approval.


    Approved uses for purchasing cards include:

    •         District approved travel expenses
    •         Meals while traveling for the district (not to exceed limit of $30 per day)
    •         Petty Cash Items


    Card Restrictions
    The Purchasing Card CANNOT be used as payment for the following items:

    •         ALL items intended for personal use
    •         Alcoholic beverages
    •         Automotive gasoline
    •         Capital Equipment (at or above $5,000)
    •         Cash Advances
    •         Construction and renovations
    •         Firearms and ammunition
    •         Furniture and Furniture Related Items
    •         Prepaid VISA Cards
    •         Prescription drugs or other controlled substances

    Credit Card Accounts
    Neosho School District has credit card accounts set up for the following vendors (DO NOT USE P-CARDS FOR THESE VENDORS):

    • Hobby Lobby
    • Price Cutter
    • Lowe’s
    • Office Depot
    • Wal-Mart

    Documentation and Record-Keeping
    Cardholders or their proxies must retain original receipts for all transactions and turn them into the Purchasing Card Administrator. P-card documentation is subject to audit; therefore, it must be maintained and easily accessible. Monthly audits will be conducted by a member of the Business & Finance department, as well as annual audits by our external auditors. Transaction reports will be used to track P-card purchases and identify any continued or prolonged misuse of the card. The gathered information will also help identify areas where additional training or education may be needed.
    Cardholders are responsible for obtaining all documentation necessary to support the business purpose of the purchase. The cardholder must give all documentation to the P-card administrator for filing. All Purchasing Card purchases must be supported by at least one of the following items:

    • The actual sales slip
    • An itemized cash register receipt
    • A copy of the order form
    • A supplier/merchant statement
    • Packing Slip
    • Online order confirmation (screen print out)

    Purchasing Card documentation is required immediately following the purchase. 
    Missing or incomplete documentation is considered a misuse of the card and may result in the revoking of P-card privileges. These receipts are the primary documentation supporting the purchase. Do NOT dispose of these items.
    Returns, Damaged Goods, Credits
    At times, the employee may need to return items. Here are some helpful tips for the successful return of items purchased using the P-Card:

    Always retain boxes, containers, special packaging, packing slips, etc. until you are certain you are going to keep the goods. Some items, such as software or fragile pieces, cannot be returned without the original packing materials.

    • Read all enclosed instructions carefully. Often a phone number and other instructions are included on the packing slip and/or receipt.
    • Some suppliers may require that you obtain a “Return Authorization Number” prior to accepting your return. If you neglect to get this number when it is required, the package may be refused and/or no credit will be issued to your card.
    • In some cases, there may be a restocking fee (usually a percentage of the purchasing price). If the supplier is completely responsible for the error or problem, you should not have to pay this or any other fee. However, if they are not fully responsible you may be required to pay it. You may use the Purchasing Card to pay this fee as long as it does not exceed any of your limits.
    • Lastly, make sure that the charge for the returned items is credited properly and in a timely fashion. The employee is required to turn in the credit and the Purchase Order number that it applies to in order for the Purchasing Card Administrator to properly document card activity.


    Keeping Your Card Secure
    Always keep your card in a secure place, just as you would your personal credit card. Neosho School District is liable for all charges, except those representing misuse.


    Lost or Stolen Cards
    It is the cardholder’s responsibility to report lost or stolen cards to Security Bank Card Center immediately. Neosho School District is liable for any and all purchases made until the card is reported missing. Security Bank Card Center can be reached toll free at 800-356-8085 and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After notifying Security Bank Card Center of the missing card, the cardholder must immediately notify the Purchasing Card Administrator.


    Canceling a Card
    Neosho School District reserves the right to cancel any purchasing card or the purchasing card program as a whole at any time. Reasons for canceling a card may include, but are not limited to:

    • Termination of employment
    • Request by an authorized person (Superintendent, District Accountant, Purchasing  Card Administrator, etc.)
    • Transfer to another location (cardholder may receive different card for new location)
  • Purchase Orders

    • Enter Purchase Order in SISFIN / Choose the proper approval route
    • Building Level Approval
    • Central Office Approval
    • Purchase order is faxed to number listed in SISFIN
    • If no fax number, PO is mailed
    • If other ordering instructions are needed, add an internal note

    Internal Notes on PO's
    Internal notes are for specific instructions to accounts payable or administration regarding sending or approving the PO.  For example:

    • send “attention to:”
    • check must accompany PO
    • students will reimburse for items
    • any notes for administration regarding the PO
    • building personnel will place their own order
    • Do not enter quote or bid numbers, order details, shipping instructions, etc. that are intended for the vendor in the internal notes box. Internal notes do not print out on the PO.

    Header and Footer on PO's

    Headers and Footers are for notations you need the vendor to see.  For example:

    • Price Quotes
    • Specific delivery instructions
    • Coupon Codes for free item
    • Discount Codes

    Not following the normal procedure has led to orders being duplicated or items not getting ordered at all.

    Routing the Purchase Order

    We are currently using three approval routes:

    CURRICULUM ROUTE                                            Nathan Manley

    • Title Programs

    • Building Title Funds

    • Special Education / Gifted / ECSE

    • ESL

    • Guidance Supplies / Activities

    • Professional Development

    • Testing / Scoring

    • Community Service

    • After School Program

    • Parents As Teachers

    • Librarians

    SUPERINTENDENT ROUTE                                    Jim Cummins

    • Classroom Supplies / All buildings

    • Student Activity Purchases

    • School Farm

    • Health Services / Nurse Office Supplies

    • Technology

    • Grants

    • Board Expenses

    • Community & Team Relations

    OPERATIONS ROUTE                                           Richie Fretwell

    • School Farm

    • Transportation

    • Athletics

    • Operations

    • Food Service

    Canceling a Purchase Order

    If you realize you have entered a purchase order that needs to be cancelled:

    • Tell your building principal to reject the PO.
    • If the principal has already approved the PO you can contact the Administrator in the approval route and let them know to reject the PO.

    Faxing Documents with PO’s

    • If there are documents that need to be faxed with any PO, i.e., order forms, registration forms, price quotes, etc. please send to Jan.

    Marking Goods Received

    • When you receive your order, make sure you mark the PO as goods received.


  • DC Sales/Toner Connection
    Ordering toner from these companies needs to be done following the same procedures listed above.  Purchase orders for DC Sales are e-mailed.

    School Specialty

    • Order must be entered into School Specialty first to get the correct pricing
    • Cart Number from School Specialty needs to be entered as Requisition # on PO
    • Orders must be at least $50 for free shipping
    • Shipping and Handling needs to be added on large items (desks, smart boards, cabinets, etc.) or items they ship from third party vendors.