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Discover the Heritage of Neosho School District

Nestled in the heart of Neosho, Missouri, the Neosho School District, affectionately known as "Wildcat Nation," has a storied history that has enriched the lives of our community for generations. With 13 campuses stretching from the Historic Downtown Square to Goodman, Missouri, our district has been a hub of education and inspiration.


A Legacy of Learning

For over 137 years, we've proudly provided a nurturing environment for education. With more than 4,650 students calling NSD their educational home, we've been the starting point for countless remarkable journeys. Our commitment to preparing the youth of our community to be intelligent, driven individuals who make a positive impact on the world has remained unwavering.


Journey Through Time

Step into the past as we journey through the history of Neosho School District. From its humble beginnings to the present day, we've achieved significant milestones, created cherished memories, and produced countless successful individuals. Our history is a testament to our enduring dedication to education and community.


Exploring Our Heritage

Within these pages, you'll explore the milestones, achievements, and influential figures that have left their mark on Neosho School District. Take a moment to celebrate the legacy of excellence that defines our district.