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Roy B. Shaver Field

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Roy B. Shaver Field

The Evolution of Roy B. Shaver Field

Revitalizing Baseball Through Community Bonds On June 2, 2020, the Neosho community voted in favor of a transformative bond issue, sparking significant changes in the local baseball landscape. Central to this decision was the rejuvenation of the Enzone Facility and a critical relocation of the iconic Roy B. Shaver Field.


Strategic Relocation: Roy B. Shaver Field Finds a New Home Beyond a change in address, the decision to relocate Roy B. Shaver Field was a strategic move to redefine its role in Neosho's baseball heritage. The field now stands proudly beside Neosho Junior High, adjacent to the softball field, symbolizing a fresh chapter in the town's longstanding baseball tradition.


Field Upgrade: Roy B. Shaver Field Adopts Turf This relocation wasn't just about moving dirt; it was a technological leap. The adoption of cutting-edge turf technology elevated Roy B. Shaver Field's playing surface. This decision promised enhanced playability, increased durability, and the ability to withstand diverse weather conditions, ensuring the field's usability across all seasons.


Inaugural Pitch: A Ceremonial Start to a New Era The highly anticipated opening day at the new Roy B. Shaver Field was more than a baseball game; it was a ceremonial pitch into a future that seamlessly blended tradition with innovation. Coach Joe Fowler and former superintendent Dr. Roy Shaver took the mound to throw the inaugural pitch, marking not just the opening of a new baseball field but the beginning of a revitalized era for Neosho baseball.


Gratitude to the Neosho Community: Celebrating a Shared Journey As the crack of the bat resonated in the new surroundings, the Neosho School District extended heartfelt gratitude to the community. The successful relocation and transformation of Roy B. Shaver Field underscored the collective commitment to preserving and advancing the legacy of baseball in Neosho. This inaugural game was not just a match; it was a sincere expression of appreciation to the Neosho community for its unwavering support in fostering a renewed era of baseball excellence.