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Nicholas Hays

Nicholas Hays

NHS Boys and Girls Tennis Head Coach

Meet Nick Hays, a seasoned educator and passionate tennis coach, with an impressive 20-year tenure in both teaching and coaching at the Neosho School District. Nick's educational journey began at MSSU, where he studied BSE Secondary Social Studies.

What motivates Nick's dedication to education is the ever-present challenge it presents. He finds satisfaction in overcoming obstacles and helping students learn and grow. With 20 years of coaching experience, Nick has honed his coaching skills, and he has spent the same number of years shaping the lives of students in the Neosho School District.

Nick's favorite aspect of coaching is being outdoors and working with young people, fostering their love for the sport. His coaching philosophy extends beyond the tennis court, aiming to instill in his athletes a lifelong love for the sport, emphasizing fair play and good behavior that transcends the courts and influences their daily lives.