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Michael Morton

Michael Morton

7th Grade Football Head Coach | NJH Boys Track Head Coach

Michael Morton, an experienced history teacher, and dedicated coach bring a passion for education and athletics to the Neosho School District. With 12 years of teaching experience and a background in Social Studies Education from Northeastern State University, Michael is committed to helping students develop essential life skills.

What drives Michael’s love for education is the opportunity to guide students in surpassing their own expectations. As the Head Coach for NJH Football and NJH Boys Track, he has spent six years coaching and has recently joined the Neosho School District coaching team.

Michael’s favorite aspect of coaching is witnessing athletes achieve more than they thought possible. His coaching philosophy extends beyond the field and track, as he strives to instill in his athletes the values of becoming better individuals.

In addition to his educational and coaching pursuits, it's worth noting that Michael Morton is a huge Marvel comics fan, adding a touch of superhero enthusiasm to his dedicated teaching and coaching roles.