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NJH Student Survey

NJH Parents,

This letter is in response to a survey that was recently given in junior high classrooms. The survey is prepared, distributed, and tabulated every few years by the University of Missouri-St. Louis and the Missouri Institute of Mental Health (MIMH). We have participated in the past.

It is the practice at Neosho School District to alert parents when students will be taking a survey about potentially sensitive subjects and to even include the exact questions, or a sample set, for the parents to review when possible. This was recently done with the distribution of the Panorama surveys. A survey we will use internally to help support our students.

In the case of the recent MIMH survey, the questions were not cleared through a central office administrator and a parent notification was not sent. After receiving feedback on the questions that ended up being included, we are aware and understand that the survey has been upsetting to some. The grade levels not surveyed already (5-6 and 9-12) will not receive the survey. 

We apologize for the breakdown in communication between MIMH, our team, and parents, as well as any challenges it has created for our students and parents. We are working to ensure that this does not happen again in the future.


Dr. Jim Cummins