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Full STEAM Ahead | The Haas Building Joins NSD

NSD Team and Families,

We are excited to share an opportunity that is on the horizon for Wildcat Nation!

For a while, we’ve talked about the addition of a STEAM school to NSD. For the past year, we’ve partnered with The Scott Family Amazeum in Northwest, Arkansas to cultivate our “STEAM team” and curriculum practices that would bring this dream to reality. Conservative estimates came back at approximately $5 million to upgrade Central to accomplish our STEAM objectives. For reference, Goodman Elementary was completed for $13 million less than three years ago.

As we were weighing options and the next step, we were made aware of a building that had come on the market downtown; the historic Haas building. We toured it and found it was full of potential; open spaces for collaboration, in the heart of our downtown community, and able to accommodate 250-300 students allowing us to open the STEAM opportunity to more students. Even better, the purchase and renovation estimation came back lower than the Central price tag. 

Adding the Haas building to the STEAM plan also means that Central will be able to remain an elementary school, we will most likely avoid redistricting students, and we will increase our capacity for elementary students across the district by 15-20%.

Of course with any real estate dealings, there is a 45 day period for inspections and formalities, so we share this news with hopes that it comes to fruition. It was important to us that the NSD Team and parents were the first to receive the news. We also want to assure everyone that Central Elementary will still be slated to receive the necessary improvements needed to thrive as a safe and inviting school.

We are excited to see the STEAM dream come to life at NSD. We will keep you all in the loop as progress continues!

With Wildcat Pride,


The Haas Building