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Summer Open Feeding Sites

Neosho School District will be an open feeding site this summer for children 1-18 years of age. Any child living within Neosho School District boundaries may come in during times of service (breakfast or lunch) to a building running summer school and partake in the meal program. The meal must be eaten onsite and one meal will be served per child. Adults can eat with their children for the adult meal price of $3.50. Those wanting to purchase adult meals should bring exact change. There will be one meal option for breakfast and lunch. The serving times are set times and once the times are expired the locations are no longer allowed to serve any meals. 
High School
breakfast time 7:15-8:30
lunch time     11:15-12:00


breakfast time 7:25-8:30
lunch time        10:50-12:30 
breakfast time 7:20-8:30
lunch time        10:50-12:00

Jr High
breakfast time 7:25-8:15
lunch time       11:20-12:50
breakfast time 7:45-8:30
lunch time        10:45-12:45