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Inclement Weather Communication


One of the toughest decisions administrators have to make during bad weather is if a school cancellation is the best route for our community. There are a lot of factors to consider: are the roads going to clear, will they freeze back up, are the wind chills too cold for children at bus stops, and so much of these decisions are judgement calls based on information received by weather and emergency outlets. There’s also another side to this coin, that some of our students may be in better conditions while at school, where they are warm, fed, and with adults. It’s not an easy decision to make and definitely not one we take lightly.


So what goes into making the call? Usually our superintendents and transportation department fan out early in the day or evening to start driving the roads of district, which stretches from south Joplin all the way to Goodman, just miles from the state line. Simultaneously, they’ll listen to reports from our local emergency outlets and weather outlets, as well as the National Weather Service. After hours of driving, they’ll meet to discuss conditions, talk with other schools and area entities, then make a call. This whole process takes hours with many on our team out in dark, cold, and dangerous conditions.


Once the decision is made, our Community & Team Relations office will work to get the word out across our different communication channels as quickly as possible. Our app, referred to the as the NSD app is where we start. It allows us to send out notifications across different channels all at once. We then will put information on our website, contact the local news channels, and put information on our social media sites. To get the fastest and most reliable notifications, we recommend downloading our free app and “following” Neosho School District in the notifications section. If you have an Iphone, you will need to activate notifications for our app in the settings area. Our app notifications are preferred because they aren’t reliant on your phone number and can come through with just wifi service. As a parent, you are automatically enrolled to receive emails, phone calls, and texts, based on the information in our student information system when you enroll your child(ren). We cannot guarantee your phone service will let our notifications through, so if you do not receive a text or call, we encourage you to look to one of our other methods of communication.


In the event of school being dismissed early or a No School Day, the notification will go out as soon as the decision has been made so that you have as much time to plan as possible.


If you as a parent feel it is unsafe to have your child(ren) attend school, please know that decision continues to be your’s and one the school district will respect. However, all absences will be recorded. Only verified weather-related absences (areas where our bus routes have been cancelled) will be treated as “excused.”

For questions regarding our Inclement Weather plan, please contact your school principal or our central office at 417.451.8600. For inquiries concerning the NSD app or notification options, please contact NSD Community & Team Relations at 417.451.8600