• Welcome to your new Library Central!!!  All books have been re-organized and arranged by subject!! It's like using Google or going to a Books-A-Million!!! Over 60 subjects!! Each subject is arranged by Fiction, Non-Fiction and Easy Fiction! All books on EACH Subject-all together-in one place!! Easy! Fun! Exciting!!! 

    Students will still have Library Skills Classes weekly as a whole group.  The library is also open each morning for check-out time so students may check out books during the week.  At Central our students take part in AR or Accelerated Reader Program.  The AR program  ensures that students are reading at the appropriate reading level.  Each book in the elementary school libraries are marked with a colored dot, issued by AR.  The dots represent the grade level range of that book.

    Check out our Before and After Pictures of our AMAZING Library Make-Over!!


    Before Pictures

     Before Picture        Before Picture       Before Picture


    After Pictures

    After Picture      After Picture      After Picture      After Picture