• Pick Up & Drop Off 

    7th Grade Campus

    The pick up and drop off for 7th grade is on the north end of the Middle School campus. You will turn onto the side street like you are heading to the back of the Middle School. There will be cones up preventing you from using the Bus entrance. Follow the cones around and drop off can be done at any of the 3 doors on the north end of the building. The middle door with the sign "7th Grade" is the door to the office. There is also a ramp for entrance to the building. Students may enter at any of these 3 doors. If you are checking your student out during the day, you will need to come to the 7th grade office to do this. 

    Drop off will happen in the roped off section just outside the 7th grade office. Please be mindful of the cones and leave space for students to wait and do not block the bus lane. 


    8th Grade Campus

    Students may be dropped off at the main entrance to the High School or on the south end of the High School. To drop off on the south end of the High School, please enter in front of the high school or from the tennis courts. 

    Students may be picked up after school at the front of the High School or on the south end of the building. Please be mindful of buses leaving and do not block their exit. 

    If you need to check out your student during school hours, you will need to enter through the Security Office at the front of the High School. They will call up to the Junior High and get your student released.