• Welcome to the Special Services of the Neosho School District. As a Neosho School District we work to develop a solid foundation for our students. The Neosho School District offers multiple areas to engage each individual child in a solid learning program that fits each of their educational needs. We strive to create a general education setting to give all students a toolbox of capability enhancement. 

    Special Education:

    The Neosho School District offers multiple teachers and paras who are trained in special education. Our teachers find alternative ways to allow our students to develop at a pace and level suitable for them. 

    How do I know if my child is suited for these programs?

    Children with certain disablities are eligible for special education, and are welcomed to our school district. If you feel as if your child is struggling in part of the education process, there are evaluations for your child that can be given to determine if he/she is suitable for special education programs. If the school does not have your child enrolled in special education, and you choose to have your child go through an evaluation, the evaluations will need to be done by a specialist and have the information transfered to the Neosho School District.

    How do we get involved?

    Our goal is to provide each and every child the chance to evolve daily into a more well-rounded individual. We want to cooperate with our students, your family, and our community to give your child the education that they deserve. As a parent/guardian you know your childs strengths/weaknesses, and are entitled to determine the most fitting accommodation for your child, and allow us to work with you to achieve your requests.