• Central School's English Language Development Department.  

    English Language Development (ELD) Team

    Mr. Christopher Jones - ELD Specialist

    Miss Aryelle Caruso - ELD Specialist

    Mrs. Veronica Alexander - ELD paraprofessional and Spanish Interpreter/Translator


    ELD Services

    • Pull out:  Students who face the greatest needs in developing English proficiency go the ELD classroom for English lessons with an ELD Specialist or for work with the ELD paraprofessional. These lessons and work are designed to help the students increase their English proficiency.
    • Push-in:  Students who are making strong progress in developing English proficiency will work with an ELD Specialist or paraprofessional in the regular classroom who use the curriculum to assist the students in increasing their English proficiency.
    • Support:  Students who have shown a high level of English proficiency, but who do not meet requirements for being reclassified, will remain in the regular classroom with an ELD Specialist providing accommodations designed to support the students.