• Hello Wildcat Families,

    This is Amanda Boyer, Director of Special Services. If you are receiving this message, your child receives speech and or language services from Neosho School District.

    We have had a significant decrease in staffing in our speech and language department. In order to meet our the needs of our students, we are contracting with virtual speech and language pathologists. Your child will be receiving their speech and or language services from a virtual therapist with an NSD facilitator present. This will still occur during the school day as before.

    We feel very confident in our virtual speech and language provider, however, if your child is not making progress with this platform, we will look at returning them to in-person therapy.

    Please be watching your mail for a letter introducing you to your child's therapist. If you have any questions, please call me at 417-451-8682 or email me at boyeramanda@neoshosd.org.