Attendance Policy | K-8

  • Attendance Policy | Grades K-8

    Our school district recognizes the importance of regular and consistent attendance for academic purposes and as the building blocks of a successful future. The goal of this plan is to stress the importance of attendance, provide consistent communication, and better partner with our parents/guardians. In cases of extreme circumstances, efforts will be made to understand the uniqueness of each student’s situation.


    All Absences

    Parents/Guardians will be contacted by an automated messaging system by phone when their student misses a day of school. 


    Six Absences*

    Parents/Guardians will be contacted (phone call or electronic communication) from the student’s classroom teacher and receive written notice from the building where the student is in attendance.


    Twelve Absences**

    Parents/Guardians will receive a phone call and a written notice from the administrator of the building where the student is in attendance. The parent/guardian must also schedule an attendance hearing with the building administrator and may be referred to the superintendent of schools and/or board of education for a hearing at the superintendent's discretion.  The purpose of this meeting is to develop an attendance contract for the family and school to follow. 


    Sixteen Absences or Lack of Parental/Guardian Response***

    Parents/Guardians will receive a phone call or home visit from the School Social Worker, Director of Safety and Security or a School Resource Officer.  A report will be made to the superintendent’s office. The superintendent or designee will then determine whether or not the issue needs to be forwarded to Missouri Children’s Division Hotline or the Juvenile Office.  

    In situations where chronic illnesses occur, the building administrator will work with parents/guardians to handle each student’s situation on a case-by-case basis.  Absences are cumulative for the entire school year unless otherwise noted in an attendance contract.

    In an effort to better serve families and students, we will be prorating our attendance calls and procedures in the following way:

    *February - No more six-day absence contacts will be made.

    **April - No more twelve-day absence contacts will be made.

    ***May - No more sixteen-day absence contacts will be made.



    Updated August 2022