Social-Emotional Learning

  • NMS Families,       


    As you may already be aware, building social-emotional learning skills in our students is an important focus for our district. Additionally, the development of “soft skills” has been a consistent request in parent feedback, particularly when discussing the use of ESSER funds. After receiving that feedback, we invested in a social-emotional learning software called Panorama to strengthen the efforts of our teachers and counselors by providing data-backed insight and curriculum. 


    NMS has been given the opportunity to pilot a new software, cSurvey, that we are hopeful will be a good fit for NSD. cSurvey comes at a lower cost than Panorama and has a component that will allow parents to have a voice as well. 


    cSurvey will be an anonymous survey given to the NMS Team, students, and parents. The survey content will ask students to self-reflect on our five rocks: Growth Mindset, Self Efficacy, Self Management, Social Awareness, and Grit. To give an idea of what the surveys look like, we have included a couple of sample questions below.


    “I have at least one adult at my school that I can trust.”

    “Students at my school are kind to one another.”

    “My parent/grownup talks with me about things that happen at school.”


    We are asking that all NMS students and parents participate in the surveys, as their responses will provide invaluable insights into their experiences and how we can improve and adapt our district to their needs. The responses to these surveys are completely anonymous. Parents can take the survey by scanning the QR code below or by visiting the URL and using the password "neo447." Students will be given time to complete the survey at school.


    If you have any questions about the survey or would like to opt your student out of the survey, please contact your school counselor by November 25, 2022.


    Thank you for helping us support the students of Wildcat Nation,


    The NMS & NSD Administrative Team