• We know that any time we have to go into a lockdown it can be unsettling for all involved. We have two different classifications of lockdowns - "hard lockdown" and "soft lockdown." Procedures for the lockdowns are different but in order to protect our students and employees, as well as the integrity of the procedure, they are not publicly posted.

    Soft Lockdown:

    1. When there is potential for concern but not an imminent threat - example: police are on a chase in the area.
    2. When hallways need to remain cleared - example: medical emergencies and locker checks.
    3. When administration sees a need for precaution

    Hard Lockdown:

    When there is imminent threat - example:  intruder on campus, student with a weapon, active shooter. 

    As a parent, what should I do?

    During a soft lockdown, parents may check out students and students will be escorted outside of the building by an administrator. However, for safety purposes no one is allowed in or out of the building during a hard lockdown. As tempting as it is to come to the school during a hard lockdown, emergency personnel strongly recommend staying off campus as to not impede law enforcement efforts.


    Soft Lockdown | When one of our schools issues a soft lockdown, we will communicate as quickly as possible through text and email with the parents of that location. Depending on the nature of the soft lockdown, a notification may follow letting parents know that it has been lifted. A "lifted" notification may not be sent if the soft lockdown isn't concerning in nature, such as locker checks.

    Hard Lockdown | When one of our schools issues a hard lockdown, our first priority will be supporting the building involved and our communication efforts with law enforcement. Our next priority will be communication with parents. We will communicate as quickly as possible following any guidance established by law enforcement at that moment. If the situation allows, we will follow up when the lockdown has been lifted and if permissible, more details may be shared. If circumstances require police involvement, information will likely be communicated by Neosho police.

    Lockdown Drills | When one of our schools participate in a lockdown drill, we will communicate with the parents of that building through text and email. The heading of those notifications will always say "DRILL." It is possible that parents may receive the notification after the drill is started and/or complete due to cell service and connectivity. For safety purposes, lockdown drills are not communicated ahead of time.