COVID Communication

  • When should parents expect to be contacted?

    If your student has been identified as a close contact to an individual who tested positive with COVID-19, you will receive a phone call from your school administrator or a designee. The administrator will go over the necessary measures unqiue to your student's situation. Following the phone conversation, parents will receive an email with a recap of the information. 

    Administrators and the Contact Tracing Team will reach out to direct contacts as soon as possible but will use discretion should the notification of the positive case come in after school hours or over the weekend.


    Will mass notifications be used when cases arise?

    NSD will send COVID Health Updates at the end of the day when the active case number has increased. On days that the active case number doesn't increase or maintains, there will not be a notification. COVID Health Updates will be sent to NSD parents/guardians and the NSD Team through email. A daily tracker can be found online for parents or community members who wish to see a daily update.


    When will the online COVID Tracker be updated?

    The COVID Tracker will be updated at the end of the day on days when school is in session. This means if we are notified of a case over the weekend or after the nightly email update to the NSD Team and NSD parents has been sent, that case will be counted on the following business day's total.



  • Click here to view our COVID-19 Tracker