NSD Recent Communication: COVID-19


    May 13, 2020 Update


    Hey Wildcats! Some information for you as we head into the end of the week!


    NHS Dance Team

    Applications are Due Friday, May 8, 2020. Interested NHS students can submit their application here.


    NHS Meal Pick Up Point

    Tomorrow, Thursday, May 14th, the meal pick up point that is usually in front of NHS will be in the Atrium. This adjustment is to allow senior check-out to take place in front of the high school. After May 14th, the NHS meal pick up point will go back to its normal location in front of the high school.


    Senior Class End of Year Check-Out - TOMORROW

    The senior class EOY check-out is tomorrow from 10-2pm and 4-8pm in front of NHS. Please stay in your vehicle unless you are turning in an item that won’t fit through the window. Fees owed have been sent to students through the mail and student email addresses. If you have questions about fees, please contact Chyna Rhoades at rhoadeschyna@neoshosd.org. Please be prepared for cash/check payments. We hope to be able to provide a method to accept card payments as well.

    Station 1- Checkout Sheets/Chromebooks: Seniors will pick up their personalized End-of-the-Year Checkout sheet and turn in their Chromebook, Chromebook Case, and Charger.

    Station 2 - Library Books/Textbooks: Seniors will hand in any Library Books owed, Textbooks, and any other supplies owed to teachers that were borrowed from their classrooms. 

    Station 3 - Fine Arts: Three Fine Arts areas will be located in this station. Art: seniors will return art supplies that they have borrowed and pick up any art projects that were left in the school. Choir: seniors will turn in any supplies/uniforms they still owe, and pay fines that Mrs. Soule needs to collect. Band: seniors will hand in any instruments that belong to the school and other supplies that might still be out. 

    Station 4 - Athletics: Seniors will hand in any athletic uniforms and supplies owed to the athletic program.

    Station 5 - A+: Seniors will checkout with Mrs. Aldrich to ensure all A+ requirements are met for those students who participated in the program.

    Station 6 - General Fees: Seniors will pay all fees due to Teresa Jennings and designated staff. 

    Station 7 - Jostens: Seniors will pay fees owed to Chyna Rhoades and Jostens. Seniors will then pick up their Cap, Gown, and Tassel and any other materials at this time. 

    Station 8 - Project Graduation: Students will sign up, get information from Jill Keplar and the Project Graduation team about upcoming events, and pay $2 if they plan to attend.

    Immunizations for Enrollment

    Just a reminder for our parents with students in these incoming grades - the following grade levels require proof of immunization or an exemption prior to starting school:

    Incoming Kindergarten | Dtap-4 doses, IPV-3 doses, MMR-2 doses, HepB-3 doses, and Varicella-2 doses

    Incoming 8th grade | Tdap-1 dose and MCV-1 dose.  Doses must be received at age 10 or older

    Incoming 12th grade | MCV-1 dose.  Dose must be received at age 16 or older.

    Official documentation of received shots must be turned in to your school's Health Services Office prior to receiving class schedules and starting school. 

    Attached is a copy of requirements from the state of Missouri regarding immunizations.  

    For questions or more information regarding immunizations, please contact your school nurse.

    Field Early Childhood Center | Carla Biddlecome, LPN biddlecomecarla@neoshosd.org

    Benton Elementary | Melinda "Mindy" VanWinkle, RN wanwinklemelinda@neoshosd.org

    Carver Elementary | Cindy Sanders, RN sanderscindy@neoshosd.org

    Central Elementary | Ashley Ward, RN wardashley@neoshosd.org

    Goodman Elementary | Julia Warren, RN warrenjulia@neoshosd.org

    South Elementary | Holly Woodward, LPN woodwardholly@neoshosd.org

    Neosho Middle School | Melissa "Missy" Boehnke, RN boehnkemelissa@neoshosd.org

    Neosho Junior High | Jennifer Cobb, RN cobbjennifer@neoshosd.org

    Neosho High School | Sarah Adams, RN adamssarah@neoshosd.org


    Youth Football 

    Sign ups for youth football, grades 3-6, are now open! For more information, click here!