ACE Program at NHS

  • Neosho Afterschool ACE Program - Achievement-Driven Choices Everyday


    The mission of the Neosho After school Program is to keep our students safe and to provide an intellectual, physical and psychosocial enrichment. The Neosho After School Program (ACE) will support the school’s core curriculum as well as their adopted standards.



    Increased Student Language Arts

    Increased Student Physical Fitness

    Increased Student Mathematics

    Increased Student Engagement


    Sign Out Policy

    Safety is top priority in the Neosho ACE Program; therefore, no student enrolled in this program will be released from the program without parent/guardian signature or individuals 16 years or older, listed on the registration form.  Each student must have his or her own registration form on file.


    Homework Policy

    Homework time is scheduled during the After School Program in addition to other activities.  During this time staff members are available to answer homework questions and provide help, as well as having the ability to work directly with the students’ teacher.  Several teachers offer additional tutoring before and after school to insure that your student understands completely the assignments.  A+ students are also available for some 1 on 1 tutoring help.  Homework area will be kept silent to help the student’s concentration.  We do not guarantee that all homework is completed or correct.  You and your child should review their homework


    Positive Behavior Policy Dress Code

    The dress code established at the school site is expected to be followed in the ACE after school program.  Failure to follow the dress code will result in a referral to the Principal’s Office, and possible suspension from the program.



    Early Release Policy   (If required to attend by Court Order, or Direction from the School) NOT those on voluntary enrollment

    Students who are picked up prior/before 6:00pm must notify the Site Director ahead of time.  It must be based on the following conditions:

                    Family emergency (such as death in the family, catastrophic incidents, etc.)

                    Medical Appointment/ Counseling

                    Weather conditions

                    Religious obligations/events

                    Transportation issues

                    Attending a school or community event such as (sports and club events)

    Whatever the case may be, staff will record the date and time of the early release departure of the student.  Parent, Guardian, or Staff should sign out the student.


    YOU can help your child make sure their school home work time is a success.

    1. Remind your student of your expectations regarding homework
    2. If students say they have no homework an alternative assignment will be given to them (i.e. math practice, reading or writing assignments) generally, these are not for class credit.
    3. Remind your child to bring their homework with them from class to your after school program and to turn in their homework the following day. Often, the work gets completed and in the past when helping students with their organizational skills find work that was never turned in, most of the time if assignments are not turned in the day it is due, it becomes automatically a 50% before the grading process begins.
    4. Encourage your student to ask for help from staff when they need it. Remind your student that homework time is quiet time.


    Sample Activities

    Sign in, snack and drink will be provided free of charge and restroom break. Homework, Academic hour or tutoring, indoor or outdoor sport activity, enrichment classes, such as cooking, and all personal life skill activities, Dave Ramsey money management classes, 3-D printing and several STEM activities, guest speakers, re-grouping and sign out.


    Parent and Student Understands:

    1. This program is a 4-day per week Monday-Thursday; 4 hour per day program. 7:00-8:00 AM/ 3:00-6:00 PM Daily attendance is required.
    2. After three (3) unexcused absences the student will be referred to the Principal
    3. The goal of the ACE After school program is to be a positive, fun and safe place.
    4. Parents, students and program staff must all work together to provide the best program for the student.
    5. Site staff is responsible for maintaining the facilities that we use daily. Students may be asked to clean up work/kitchen stations after activities have been completed (sweep, pick-up paper, put away materials, supplies and equipment, wash dishes following cooking activities).
    6. Personal belongings such as electronic games, cell phones, CD players, trading cards, etc., are not allowed in the After School Program. Neosho R-5 ACE Program Staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
    7. Please be diligent on picking your student up at the end of the day.


    Contact Information 

    Neosho High School Phone number: (417) 451-8670

    Director: Maria Bohannon (417) 439-1520 

    Site Coordinator: Shawna Coberley (417) 236-3314

    Site Staff: Rebecca Brumfield (417) 434-7418



    Trent Barratt, Principal

    Marty Yust

    Chief Juvenile Officer


    After School Site Director:

    Maria Bohannon


    After School Site Coordinator:

    Shawna Coberley


    Afterschool Site Support Staff:

    Rebecca Brumfield