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    Q: I changed my number, what should I do?

    A: Contact the school where your child(ren) attend and let the office know. They will update it in our student information system then it will automatically update in our messaging system 24 hours later.


    Q: My spouse and I both want to receive texts, email, and/or calls, is that possible?

    A: Absolutely! There are two ways to do this. 1. If you share multiple children who attend NSD, ask your school office to put your number as the emergency contact on one child, and your spouse as the emergency contact on the second child. 2. If you have one child at NSD, download the NSD app and click the “Student Info” icon. Follow the instructions to receive username and password, then you can use the icons to add numbers and emails to notifications specific to your child.


    Q: I’m not receiving calls or texts anymore and I haven’t changed my number, what should I do?

    A: Contact your school office or NSD Community & Team Relations and we’ll help you out!


    Q: Why can only one person be automatically signed up to receive texts, calls, and emails?

    A: Our student information system has a field that is known District-wide as the most important - the “Lives with” field. This field is where the child lives and who can legally receive information regarding the child. The student information system also lists information like biological parents, foster parents, grandparents, etc. One student account may list four adults but only two have legal custody and it’s only safe for them to know information regarding the student. So for the safety of our students, the only people who can get an account that would relate student-specific information is the person listed in the “Lives With” field.


    Q: My texts and calls come later than other people. Why is that?

    A: Our system is dependent on reception, much like any other cellular function. If you are in an area of low reception or the cell services are overwhelmed, the calls and texts could be delayed. Because of this, we recommend a second form of communication, whether that be via social media, our website, or NSD app push notifications; All of these items can work with just wifi access and are generally faster.


    Q: I am not a fan of automated calls like the weekly lunch balance calls. Can I turn those off?

    A: Yes, our app allows you to do customize all of your communication with the school district! Just download our app, follow the instructions on the “student info” to request username and password, then use the icons to customize your notification settings.


    Q: What about families who don’t speak English?

    A: Once the app has been downloaded, it can be tailored to any almost language. In the app, click settings then select language. Messages and notifications will now come through in your selected language.