District & School Notifications

  • What district communications are available?

    Legal parents and guardians within Neosho School District have the opportunity to receive notifications from their individual school or the central office through text, email, call, and push notifications.


    How do parents receive district notifications?

    Our student information system, Powerschool, connects to our notification system, pulling in contact information specific for each student. At the beginning of each school year, NSD will send out prompts for parents to complete the Annual Student Update for their returning student. There is a section called "Student Contacts" in the Annual Student Update; The notifications parents will receive is dependent on the information provided in this section. While completing the ASU, we highly recommend that parents include an accurate cell number and email address.


    If my contact information has changed, what should I do to be sure I still get notifications?

    Any time information changes related to a student's contacts, it is highly recommended to reach out to your child's school office and update that information. Examples of this information may be last name, phone number, email address, home address, etc.


    What should I do if I am not receiving district notifications?

    If you are a legal parent/guardian with custody of a student in our district and you are not receiving our notifications, reach out to your student's school office to confirm that your contact information is accurate.


    I don't have a student in district but I would still like to receive notifications. How can I sign up?

    Community members can sign up for notifications by creating an account on https://neoshopublicschools.parentlink.net/. At the bottom of the page there is a prompt for account creation. Community Member accounts may not receive every notification that a parent account receives since parent accounts receive student-specific information, but they will receive information that impacts the community. Examples would be newsletters, general updates, and school cancellations. 


    For additional questions concerning notifications, please feel free to contact Community & Team Relations at 417.451.8600 x1162 or by email at spanglermeagan@neoshosd.org