Notification Communications

  • Legal parents and guardians within Neosho School District are automatically enrolled for text, call, and email notifications when their student is enrolled. Our student information system, Powerschool, connects to our notification system, Blackboard - commonly you'll hear us refer to this as the NSD app. Each student account has a field in Powerschool where an emergency contact number is listed. For the system to work, only one number can be listed here and we recommend it being a mobile number so that texts can be received as those are often the communication form requested by parents and sent by our schools. If you are a parent in our district and no one in your household is receving our alerts, please either contact your school office and let them know so they can doublecheck your information, or fill out the form below and our Community & Team Relations office will look into your case as soon as possible.


    Though we are very pleased with our notification system, there are times where cell service can impede communication efforts. This is normal and to be expected, but because of this we recommend having a second system of communication in place to insure that you are notified. We recommend downloading the NSD app, free in the Apple or Play store, and found by searching "Neosho School District." Through our app we send push notifications, these are similar to what you may get from social media sites or email systems where a small alert pops up on your device. These alerts can come through without cell service, they just need internet access, and they are not dependent on a correct phone number. Anyone can download our app and receive push notifications and they tend to come through quicker than any other notification since they do not have to travel to cell towers first. When the app is downloaded it will ask if you would like to allow notifications through the app on your device, select "yes" and then choose additional schools or groups, such as athletics to "follow." By following schools or groups, you will have quick access to calendars, social media, and alerts.

    For additional questions concerning notifications, please feel free to contact Community & Team Relations at 417.451.8600 x1162 or by email at


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