Here's how you can get involved

  • Our district conducts quarterly Parent Action Committee (PAC) meetings each year.  Our PAC meetings are held at the Central Office and generally begin at 5:00pm and end at 7:00pm. Any ELL parent may attend the PAC meetings.  Attendees are able to interact with parents and faculty from other buildings, learn about the concerns and goals of the ELD program, ask questions and provide input.

    Teachers promote these meetings within their schools and mail or hand-deliver flyers to students and families.  Our ELD coordinator and the Assistant Superintendent coordinate and lead the PAC meetings.

     It is our goal to host at least four events a year to help get parents of ELL's involved and acquainted with our district and our program.  The first event will be a back-to-school event with business partners and school personnel to help with the beginning of the year paperwork and school needs.  We will discuss topics such as vaccinations, health exams, school supplies, emergency procedures for Neosho, getting set up for text messages, the ESL program, and for older students - credits and graduation.  The second event is to discuss how to read a report card, and how to address problems in the district followed by a multicultural celebration.  The third event is a parent/child activity night where parents and children play and learn together.  The final meeting is a business meeting to discuss the ESL program, to encourage and explain Summer School and an awards ceremony to recognize and showcase student achievement..