High School ELD

  • High School ELD

    The Neosho High School uses a sheltered instruction approach in which ELs who score at proficiency levels 1, 2, or 3 on the language proficiency assessment are placed in sheltered grade level courses for English language arts.  Once a student has been identified as needing ELD services through results of the WIDA Screener placement test, ACCESS proficiency test, or other comparable proficiency assessment, the student is placed in sheltered content classes, Basic Skills for ELD, and core content co-teaching classes based on the student’s proficiency level.  Access to the content area curriculum is provided through a dual endorsed ESL/content area teacher providing scaffolding and support through the use of ELD strategies to teach language and content area standards. These teachers are attentive to both the ELP standards for language acquisition and the Missouri state ELA standards.

    Students with proficiency levels 4 and above who have not yet qualified to exit the ELD program will be served through Designated ELD classrooms which involve close collaboration between the classroom and ELD teachers