Elementary ELD

  • Elementary ELD

    At the Elementary level, ELD services are based on an ELs proficiency level on the W-APT placement test, ACCESS proficiency test, or other comparable proficiency assessment and factors such as time in the United States, previous schooling, and academic progress.. At proficiency levels 1, 2, and 3, a certified ELD Specialist provides scaffolding and support through the use of ELD strategies to teach language  and content area standards through a push-in (at 3.5 or above) or pull-out program.  The goal of the session is to increase English proficiency, not necessarily to master non-ELD content standards.  The time allotted for each ELD class is determined by proficiency and grade level of the ELs served.   The ELD teachers are attentive to both the ELP standards for language acquisition and the Missouri state standards.

    Students with proficiency levels 4 and above who have not yet qualified to exit the ELD program will be served through Designated ELD classrooms which involve collaboration between the classroom and ELD teachers.