Neosho Partnership in Comprehensive Literacy

  • The Neosho Partnership in Comprehensive Literacy, or NPCL for short, is a literacy model that our teachers and team have poured into over the past year. We believe that a child's ability to read, write, and communicate is integral to their success in every other aspect of education, and early intervention to those who are behind in literacy is the key. NPCL is different than other literacy efforts in that it is very distinctly a model, and not a program, meaning the investment is in our teachers, not a list of steps as a "one fits all" approach. 


    This initiative is led by our Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction Rebecca Sears and was developed by Dr. Linda Dorn, University of Arkansas. Superintendent Sears had the priviliage to use the model in her years of teaching and see it work to connect with kids on a deeper level. 


    We owe special thanks to the Neosho Chartiable Foundation, Talbots, Scholastic Inc., and the South Elementary PTO for helping us bring this model to Neosho youth.