Gifted Services

  • Gifted Students:

    Neosho School District also has ways to accommodate students who succeed at above average levels. Our program known as CIA (Creative Intelligence Agency) is a way to allow gifted students to progress further into the learning experiences of higher grade levels, and expand their minds in a way that is suitable to their unique pace. Yearly CIA decides on a universal theme and a subject focus, while also incorporating the general social studies classroom curriculum. 


    How do I know if my child if a gifted student?

    Each gifted child is unique in their own ways and each fit a variety of criteria. If you feel as if your child is a gifted student, schedule a meeting to speak with their teacher. Gifted students are not determined through one test, there are multiple areas that will be assessed to determine if your child meets the criteria. 


    Who do I contact?

    For questions concerning gifted services, please contact Special Services at 417.451.8682.