Our Logos

  • Our District went through an exciting redesign of our iconic wildcat during the summer of 2015. The "freshened" Willie Wildcat was unveiled during the 2015 Pride Night festivities and has been welcomed with open arms ever since.

    An integrated marketing commitee made of teachers, administrators, and coaches, worked with a local marketing company to make sure our new design was sleek and modern, evoked pride, and captured the true spirit of Wildat Nation, while maintaining the tradition of our Wildcat. For ease of use on helmets and various smaller objects where detail is hard to see, we decided to introduce a Side View Wildcat along with our traditional Forward Facing Wildcat. We also wanted to make sure we had our younger wildcats covered, so "Lil Wildcat" was introduced. Last, we couldn't part with our iconic Neosho N, so it now serves as our Academic Logo while the wildcats serve as our Athletics or Spirit Logo.

    We are very excited to see our Wildcat and N all over the Neosho Community as well as the surrounding communites. to request permission to use our logos, please contact our Community & Team Relations office at 417.451.8600 x1162.