Route Descriptions & Estimated Stop Times

Best Practices for Riders

  • Student safety is the number one priority for the NSD Transportation Team. To help us out, here are some best practices that we encourage prior to riding the bus:

    • Make sure your student knows their full name
    • Teach your student their address or street name
    • Teach your student your full name
    • Teach your student an emergency phone number

Important Notes

    • Students in grades kindergarten-2nd grade must have an older sibling or parent receive them from the bus.
    • Please have students waiting at the bus stop, not inside the home.
    • Students can not be dropped off at businesses.
    • Arrival and drop off times can vary. Please have your students ready 10 minutes prior to their bus stop time.
    • Shuttle bus information for students going into grades 5, 7, and 9 have changed.