Route Descriptions & Estimated Stop Times

  • Bus Routes for the 2021-2022 school year are posted below according to elementary school boundaries. To reference the school boundaries, click here.

    *Please note that per CDC mandate, masks must be worn at all times on the school bus.*

    If possible, please have your students ready up to 10 minutes prior to your stop time. Because student safety is of the utmost importance and many students are young, first-time riders, extra time will be taken to ensure that students get on and off of the bus at the correct location. Please do not be alarmed if your student's bus is running behind during the first week of school.

    For questions about bus stops or transportation in general, please call the Transportation Office at 417-451-8699 or email Transportation Director Marty Marks at


    Benton Boundary Bus Routes

    Carver Boundary Bus Routes

    Central Boundary Bus Routes | Central's small footprint means it functions as a neighborhood school where students walk to school. For students who live in the Central Boundary but attend NMS, NJH, NHS, or JSC, they will ride Route 32. (Referenced in Carver Bus Routes) This route will pick students up at Central Elementary at 6:45am.

    Goodman Boundary Bus Routes

    South Boundary Bus Routes