Free & Reduced Application Drive

  • NSD Parents - We need your help!

    With assistance offered through the USDA this year and last, all students were afforded free meals. We are very happy that this benefit was extended but it has had an unforeseen impact on the number of Free & Reduced Meal Applications that we have received back from parents.

    Free & Reduced Meal Applications are very important to public schools because they affect student meals along with so many areas of funding. A school district’s percentage of families eligible for free or reduced meals impacts many areas involving our students, staff members, and the district as a whole. Students who are eligible for free or reduced meals can receive additional benefits such as scholarships and waiver of test fees such as the ACT, to name a couple. Teachers can be eligible for student loan waivers based upon the district’s f/r lunch percentage. Our f/r lunch percentage also impacts our reimbursement through the federal e-rate program that supports our computer network, our state funding amount, and building-level supports provided through the federal Title I program. As one can see, you can help your student, students across the district, and our valuable team members by completing a National School Lunch Program form. Please help us garner all of the resources due to our students and Neosho School District.

    If you are unsure if you’ve submitted an application or if you have questions, contact Carole McDaniel at 417.451.8600 x1112 or by email at

Free & Reduced Meal Applications

  • If you are unable to print an application, you may request one from your school office.